San Pedro Coffee


Brand identity & guidelines
Art Direction

Completed at
Eyemade Studio

With extensive industry experience, the team behind San Pedro have been creating award winning, ethically sourced coffee since 2014. We’ve come to understand that good coffee is about more than just beans. It’s a blend of know-how, dedication and love for what we do. From the bean to the roast to the cup, we believe every step is vital in creating coffee we can be proud of. Our ethos is to be the best at what we do whilst maintaining 100% honesty and integrity with our clients. We take the time to make sure every barista in every coffee-shop that sells San Pedro coffee feels as passionate about serving great coffee as we do. We source only the top-grade specialty Arabica beans from socially ethical and environmentally responsible estates. These exceptional beans, combined with our international award-winning roasting style, ensures the finest coffee available worldwide. Excellent coffee doesn’t have to cost the Earth.


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