What is tone of voice anyway?

What is tone of voice and why is it important in branding?

It’s an expression of the brand’s personality

Tone of voice is something that helps to shape a brand’s identity. Tone of voice refers to how a brand communicates with its audience. A brand should have a unique tone of voice, and considering this aspect of branding from an early stage will help to strengthen your brand in a very important way. Something to consider is as long as you are communicating your message effectively, then your tone of voice is working.


Ask yourself the below questions when considering tone of voice:

  • is it consistent across all collateral?
  • is it relevant to your brand and values?
  • does it speak to the right audience?
  • does it reflect my product/service?


Creating a successful tone of voice for a brand can allow a business to be identified by consumers without even seeing any brand related visuals.


Can you guess which brand this is just from the tone of voice? (answers at the bottom of post)

It’s like milk, but for humans. 


To understand tone of voice and its importance within branding you must consider that there are many different ways of saying the same thing. To create an engaging brand how things are said must be thought out, ensuring that a unique tone of voice can be created.  Tone of voice is such an major element within branding as it allows us to create a memorable communication technique with the desired audience. To start creating a tone of voice for your brand it is a good place to start with considering what your brand values are are how you want to relay these to your target market.


Below are some examples of successful tone of voice used by well-known brands.

Tone of voice
Designing with words

Answer: Oatly







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