Why brands need more than just a logo

It is important to realise that branding is far more than just a logo. A logo is an important part of any brand as this is what the customer recognises your company name as, but there is far more that goes in to an entire brand identity. For a successful business you need a BRAND, not a logo. Some important aspects to consider with any brand identity are listed below:

+ Tone of voice (how are you speaking to your customers through your branding?)

+ Photography styles and image treatments

+ Graphical elements e.g. brand patterns or icons

+ Colour combinations (primary and secondary colour choices)

+ Typography pairings

+ Logo and logo marks *


* It is important for a brand to have multiple arrangements of the logo as these can be used for different aspects of the business. Such as smaller icon versions for social media or longer versions for web & print. this allows more freedom with the logo and can ensure the logo looks good at any size.

To create a successful brand it is important that your logo sits among other carefully chosen design elements. Having a designer involved in this process allows these elements to create a cohesive brand identity. Ensuring that the brand is easily recognisable and reflects what the business stands for is the product of successful brand design.

Branding elements are added to the business in order to allow the brand to really stand out, these can be applied over almost everything in order to bring your brand to life. Think totes, social posts, stickers, stationary etc. This will help add personality to your brand by incorporating these design elements.

It is important to remember a good logo will help identify NOT define your brand.



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